OCOCOLOV – Design Workshop

Architects without Borders Veneto Onlus, no-profit organization that promotes initiatives of study, research and design for the sustainable development of critical areas of the world, together with the organization ghanic.org, local partner that represents 5.294 cocoa farmers, and with the partnership of Emergency ONG ONLUS, of the University IUAV (Venice) and of the Order of Architects of the Province of Venice, organizes the workshop “OCOCOLOV | one Cinema, One Clinic, One Library, One Village” for the design of a community centre in Aboduam (Sefwi-Wiawso) in Ghana.

The workshop, which will take place from the 27th  of september to the 9th of october 2021 in Venice at the Emergency headquarters in the Giudecca Island, is part of the events of the Joe Osae-Addo – ArchiAfrika Pavillion at the Giardini della Marinaressa, which is included among the participants of the 5th edition of the exhibition ECC (European Cultural Centre) Architecture Biennale “Time Space Experience” opened in parallel with the 17th Architecture Biennale. 

Conceived as cultural, educational and design initiative, with the purpose of supporting a project with a strong innovative and sustainable nature, the workshop, that will engage for two weeks Architecture students and young architects, aims to develop design solutions that generate new spaces, as a result of experimentation, but at the same time architectures with a strong reference to the context and perceived by the community of Aboduam as integral part of the local social fabric. 

The workshop, being part of a larger project that involves the entire community committed to creating an innovative ecosystem capable of enriching both the community and the environment, intends to make a contribution in terms of project continuity and support for this initiative of sustainable development.

UPDATE! (Semptember 1st 2021)

Enrollment to the OCOCOLOV workshop has been extended to September 14th. Participation has been extended to members of any Order of Architects and to students of any Architecture’s Faculty.

NOTICE download (updated 01/09/2021)

ENROLLMENT FORM download for STUDENTS (updated Semptember 1st 2021)

ENROLLMENT FORM download for ARCHITECTS (updated Semptember 1st 2021)

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UPDATE! (Semptember 16th 2021)

List of attendees to the OCOCOLOV Workshop has been published.

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